by Katie MacAlister

July 2004
ISBN: 0-8439-5144-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Katie MacAlister is back with a rollicking Regency romp. We are taken on an exciting race against blackmailers, kidnappers, spies and five children who are almost as dangerous.

Lord Harry Haversham, Marquis Rosse, has made a decision. He is going to find a new wife. For five years, he’s been alone, raising his children and doing his duty for his country. Now, though he cringes at the thought of his oldest daughter growing up, he realizes that he needs someone to help him. He wants a woman who will not only be a mother to his children and run his home for him. He wants one who will be a friend and a lover. He longs to fall in love and end his loneliness. So he advertises for a wife.

Frederica Pelham, Plum to her friends, is at her wit’s end. A scandal years ago banished her from society. She’s nearing forty and with her niece depending on her, she has to figure out a way to survive. But she has so many secrets, she isn’t sure if she can find a decent man to marry her. Then she sees Harry’s advertisement in the newspaper and decides to answer it.

Instant attraction hits as they meet for the first time. Within two days, they are married and Plum begins her life as Harry’s wife and the demon children’s mother. Soon Harry and Plum learn that the past might not be as dead as they believe. Danger is starting to stalk this chaotic family. They have to figure out who the threat is before something terrible happens.

With her trademark humor, Katie MacAlister gives us a stepmother who learns to love her stepchildren, even though they torment her every step of the way. We have a wonderful man who falls madly in love with Plum and is willing to accept her the way she is. The story is fast paced and all the characters are intriguing. The villains fall a little flat of being scary. The children came across as a little over the top in their deviousness though, it did create some entertaining scenes. We learn that love and laughter can cure The Trouble With Harry.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Jenni.

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