by Brenda Weaver

December 2004
ISBN: 1-59374-164-2
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Trade Paperback

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Warned by her father on his deathbed, Brandy Sinclair is attempting to make her way to the protection of Sir Drake Melbourne in the American colonies. Before she can get there, her evil stepbrother, Scott, who has already killed her father, rapes her, steals her inheritance, and sells her to a horrid group of slave traders.

In the terrible clutches of the traders, Brandy is raped again and tortured until she is finally rescued by the kindness of a new friend, Starlla, and the generosity of a very unusual pirate, Captain Nicholas Tremaine, who just so happens to be the nephew of Sir Drake Melbourne.

Once in safe arms, Brandy learns to trust again and falls in love with Nicholas who returns her feelings ardently. But the past never sleeps, and once Scott realizes that Brandy is still alive and a threat to him, heíll do whatever it takes to save himself, even if it means killing others.

A severe bullet wound and a death by hangingÖall elements of Hellís Raging Fury. Only everlasting love can extinguish this dangerous blaze.

Because of the strong sexual violence, Hellís Raging Fury is not for the faint of heart, but if one can get past the vicious assaults, then the reward is an exciting, well told story. The blend of romance with a faint touch of American history is splendidly stirred, and provided a picturesque backdrop to the lives of Brandy and Nicholas.

Despite all odds, Brandy survives a dreadful experience that would shatter most women and still manages to remain a kind heart. For that reason, she is a strong, likeable heroine. A gentle heart who calms storms with a gentle kiss on the forehead, yet a fierce lion who protects his own, Nicholas is a hero who floats through womenísí dreams. Together, Brandy and Nicholas are one of the most captivating couples of all time.

Their fiery chemistry and Weaverís tremendous writing skill make Hellís Raging Fury, one of the best books Iíve read in a very long time.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Natasha.

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