by Kate Hill

February 2004
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On the waters of the SothSea, there is one pirate who strikes fear into the hearts of even the most fearless of men. Lock the White has never known mercy, so he doesn’t show it to the people he robs. He thinks that his soul and heart are ice. Having never known love, he plans to rob and plunder for as long as he can escape the authorities.

Sparrow was once a princess. Now she is a farmer and happy with her life most of the time. Then she buys Lock at a slave sale and her life changes forever. She must keep him chained because she knows that he will escape and she doesn’t want to be punished for it. So begins a battle of wills. For Lock will never surrender his plans for freedom. Sparrow doesn’t want to break Lock, she wants to find the heart she knows is hidden deep.

As Sparrow and Lock battle, they slowly begin to give into their attraction to each other. But will Sparrow’s gentle touch turn Lock from the fierce and murderous pirate he once was into a man she can trust and love? Will Lock let Sparrow become more important to him than the call of the sea and the thrill of plundering?

A fantastic journey takes Sparrow and Lock from loneliness to love. Sparrow grows up and becomes secure in herself. Her confidence grows as she finds she can make it on her own. But her love for Lock brings a fullness to her life. Lock is the most intriguing character in the story. As he fights to overcome his upbringing, the walls crumble and we see the truly wonderful man he has never had a chance to be. The love scenes are steamy. The story slows in spots, but on the whole, the pace moves along quite well. A great addition to the series.

Knights of the Ruby Order: Lock is a rollicking quest for redemption through love.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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