by Lori Foster

ISBN: 0-373-51120-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #657
Mass Market Paperback

Do men have biological clocks? Do they hear that terrifying whoosh as their prime fatherhood years slip away? Well hotelier Tony Austin certainly does, but unlike most men, he resolves to do something about it. Reasoning that he is ready to become an excellent father, he needs simply to select a willing woman, impregnate her, monitor her pregnancy and then receive his child into his life. Of course, the mother would be well taken care of!! Perfect plan, huh? Yeah, sure Tony!

Beautiful and elegant businesswoman Olivia Anderson lived for her boutiques. The lingerie world was keeping her very busy, which was good because it left her absolutely no time at all to get depressed over the fact that she had no love life, no sex life, and no possibility of either in the foreseeable future! She was, in fact, perfect for what Tony Austin had in mind!

Lori Foster has proved herself without peer when it comes to the seductive verbal foreplay between hero and heroine and this book is no exception. The air between the pages heats up when Tony makes his proposition to Olivia; and it only gets hotter from there on! Olivia's answer catches Tony by surprise, but he agrees to her terms - you'll have to read the book to find out how they both reconcile their agendas and find passion and love where they least expect it!

Part of the appeal of this story is watching the rigid and controlled hotel magnate that is Tony Austin turn into a sex-crazed, child-adoring charmer right before Olivia's eyes. Foster's skillful writing puts us right into Tony's house and next to Olivia as she watches him and discovers hidden facets to his personality. We are also there with Tony as he makes his own discoveries about Olivia - who'd have thought she was the type to wear her own fantastic lingerie? We cheer for the lovers, and groan when things inevitably go wrong, but we know that these two are meant to be together no matter how enormous the obstacles to their love may seem. A book by Lori Foster is an absolute guarantee of great sex, and plenty of it, and Tony and Olivia don't disappoint themselves or us. I highly recommend this novel - it's tender, sensual and loving, and I can't think of a better definition of "romance", can you?

Reviewed in September 2001 by Celia.

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