by Blayne Edwards

February 2004
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Leda is not a psychic. At least thatís what she thinks. Working a week as a mock fortuneteller she is not prepared for her sudden knowledge of her customersí pregnancies, boyfriend troubles, etc. And she definitely is not prepared for the dark stranger walking into her tent. Trying hard, but unsuccessfully, to concentrate on her work, she writhes in lust with the sudden appearance of steamy and explicit visions. Not knowing if her delicious and very erotic visions of him are true, or if she is going crazy, she keeps anticipating his daily visits.

Gaze is a short story. Not too short, just right to draw the reader in. Itís tender, loving and very, very sexy. Already very early on itís obvious that what Leda and her stranger experience is not just breathtaking sex but love, as the trust and caring shown and the delight in each otherís pleasure couldnít mean anything else.

Blayne Edwards' Elloraís Cave release is a very erotic and stimulating story where it is not the action, but the actual sex that excites and turns on. Itís sights and sounds. Itís picturing the scene and being seduced with words. Ledaís mysterious stranger knows how to play her, how to use the visions, the power of his mind and her mind, his words and his touches to mesmerize her. And the reader canít help and join in. Donít miss this very original and very erotic quickie where love proves to be eternal.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kris Alice.

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