by Lacey Alexander

February 2004
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Liz Marsh is engaged to be married to Todd Darcy. They have uprooted their lives from their friends and family and moved to Louisiana. For a while life was wonderful. Now, however, Liz is beginning to question Todd’s faithfulness.

In order to find out for sure what Todd is up to Liz has decided to hire a private investigator. She is referred to Jack Wade and decides that she might make him see her point a bit more readily if she dresses in a flirty manner. The manner of dress is not her customary style, but it attracts the attention of not only Jack, but his best friend Ty as well. This attraction is new to Liz, and she finds herself strangely drawn to Jack. She also gives some thought to Ty, but decides that her attraction to Jack is much stronger

The unfolding story takes Liz, Jack, and the reader on a journey through the French Quarter that is quite sexual in nature. When you’re reading French Quarter you’ll need to keep an open mind to what one could consider proper sexual conduct. French Quarter is a steamy read, and takes its readers on a wild sexual escapade that will certainly have them seeking their own form of release.

I enjoyed the fact that Liz explored a side to her nature that she never realized she had. I felt her journey of self exploration was a fitting end to having tried to live a life to please other people. Jack made the perfect partner for Liz, in that he allowed her to set the pace and gave her the freedom to use not only her body for pleasure but his as well. He was a wonderful protector without being overbearing.

If, as a reader, you’re willing to allow your characters to experience things you yourself would never dream of doing then I believe you would find French Quarter a page turning read. I was engrossed from beginning to end. I look forward to reading Ms. Alexander’s next offering.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Sandi.

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