by Suzanne Brockmann

August 1999
ISBN: 0-373-07872-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

As part of Suzanne Brockmannís Navy Seal series, This is Harlan Jonesí story. When he rescues Melody Evans from a hostage situation they share a passionate few days together, then they part company to go back to their every day lives. Melody ends up pregnant with Jonesí baby. She doesnít tell him about the pregnancy. But he decides to contact her again and discovers her condition.

Well written and with very believable characters, who start out as a couple who admit they had a passionate fling but that love was not part of it. Harlan Jones wants to do the right thing by Melody and marry her. But Melody wants happy ever after from marriage and that means love so she is determined not to marry Jones.

Sometimes sex is closer to love than the participants want to believe. Melody and Harlan have to discover if this is the case with them, as they donít doubt the sexual attraction they have for each other. The sex scenes are very hot and well written by an author who has written many good stories.

Both the characters develop well in this story as they explore their lifestyles. They meet and tackle situations that make them face their true selves through the chapters of this book, which builds into a very good tale.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Mary.

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