by Barbara Karmazin

February 2004
ISBN: 1-931761-84-1
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What happens when an alien species gets left behind on earth? Who deals with the population explosion and damage control? The Interstellar Humane Society comes to the rescue of futuristic Earth to help take care of the out-of-control pets.

Sonia Rodriguez has come to Puerto Rico to comply with the terms of her fatherís will. She has to live in his mansion for one year and she will inherit over a billion dollars in stocks, bonds and other items. Sonia wishes her father had called her in the last days of his life. She would have gladly come to his aid. Then maybe she would have gotten to know him better. What about all of this information her father had gathered on the chupacabras, a creature of urban legend that has never been proven to exist?

Rulagh has wanted Sonia since the first time he tasted her scent on the air. He needs her help to complete his mission of ridding Puerto Rico of the feral chupacabras. Heís unsure how to go about introducing himself to her. A strange reptilian alien living in her fatherís basement might not make for a great first impression.

From the moment Sonia and Rulagh meet, sparks fly and steam rises. The plot moves quickly as they learn how to deal with each other and their differences. Soniaís acceptance of there being other life forms out in the universe is a great example of never closing our minds to possibilities. Both characters accept and trust each other making it possible for them to fall in love and eradicate chupacabras at the same time.

If you have always believed that there is life out in the universe, curl up with The Huntress. Rulagh will make you wish for an alien abduction.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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