March 2004 Reissue
ISBN: 0-425-18825-6
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Trade Paperback

Originally published in the “Second Chance at Love” series from Jove, Elusive contains three short stories under the author’s pseudonym Kay Robbins.

Elusive Dawn, a 1983 story, is about a young widow, Robin Lee whose husband was killed in a race car accident. Robin swore she’d never get involved with another racecar driver. But one night at party, Robin meets a stranger and her entire life changes. Shane Justice is a racecar driver, but doesn’t know about Robin’s husband. All he knows is that he’s finally found his “soul mate”, his one true love, and he’s not about to let her get away from him. Robin flees after one night of sex, and Shane tracks her down. Thus starts a foray into learning to give and to live again. This is a beautiful love story, and my favorite of the three.

On Her Doorstep, a 1986 story, is about author Erin Scott --- a woman running away from a very painful marriage and divorce --- and a man who falls in love with her from just seeing her picture. Publisher Matt Gavin is determined to get to know Erin and goes to her private retreat in the mountains. What Matt doesn’t realize is that he has to compete with the “ghost” of her past --- her husband who is still alive and now wanting Erin back. Determined to show her that his love is real and forever, Matt woos Erin. This is a story about learning to trust again, and Matt is the perfect hero for Erin in helping her do this.

Return Engagement, a 1982 story, is about actress Tara Collins and her former fiancé Devlin Bradley --- who is now her producer. Having to “pretend” to be lovers is the last thing these two want to do. But the sexual chemistry still sizzles between them, despite their previous break up, and “falling into the part” turns out not to be so hard after all. This is a story about second chances --- where fate is determined to intervene no matter what. A good afternoon read.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable book. Ms. Hooper’s trademark “sensuality” and humor she puts in her stories are always assurance that a reader won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kari.