by Angelica Hart

February 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-391-0
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On the other side of the Threshold lies Paradise. It separates earthly beings from the Garden of Eden, the “true paradise.” Some from this world claim to have seen angels guarding Eden and many believe that central Africa inhabits the threshold in which one may crossover. Although, there are several in the United States and one in Canada that could be used for coming and going between worlds.

Hannah Holt is from one of those thresholds, now living on borrowed time in New Jersey. Currently, she is in a battle with Master Gnaegi, an elder from the “old order” very much like the Amish people who inhabit different areas of the world we know. He is attempting to force her to return to the Threshold in order to restore the balance. Hannah, however, will have no part of it, no matter the threats Gnaegi chooses to employ. Everyone on the other side had shunned her . . .including those who were near and dear to her heart. She believed and they believed her truly “flawed” since the man she once thought she loved brutalized her. Master Gnaegi knew she had did nothing wrong, yet he still failed to protect her, and would have her return to that existence in shame.

Hannah has more than that problem to solve, as she will never be safe from Gnaegi, unless she marries, as stipulated in her adopted aunt Becca’s will. Yet, no man would want to marry someone like her who was flawed. Why her well-intentioned aunt made such a stipulation is beyond her understanding. Moreover, without marriage, she will never receive the letter that would explain her reasoning. Worse yet, she cannot sell the nightclub left to her. Running the club is deplorable, and certainly not be Hannah’s career choice. However, it gives her a purpose and security, and she adores living in the little seaside town. She hads plans, and without the constant harassment by Gnaegi, she could still be relatively happy. Since her aunt whisked her over the threshold there were so many unanswered questions.

Very soon, Hannah’s life will change and love will come in the handsome form of Sheriff Adam McGreggor. Adam rescues Hannah from Master Gnaegi once, but both will be shocked to learn how closely their lives and the lives of their families were intertwined.

Angelica Hart makes a valiant effort to write a story that could have used at least another hundred pages or so to rescue from complete absurdity. Beyond The Threshold, the complex cast of characters, and the story-line itself, instead became a predictable “eye-roller.” I cannot help but think that Ms. Hart would have been better served (and her readers) if she had left out the negligible, “love scene” and sexual undertones. Consequently, Beyond The Threshold would have been the perfect Paranormal for the young reader. The story itself had a subtle sweetness and moral tenor, better suited for that age bracket. To categorize this Paranormal Romantic Suspense as “Sensual” was a major mistake, especially for the more savvy, adept reader of this genre.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Janice.

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