by Delilah Devlin

February 2004
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Cantor Marlowe is the governor of a small prison colony, New Attica. He would love to escape and go "a-pirating" again. Most of the other men in this futuristic place think him foolish to feel this way when he has woman throwing themselves at him. He is all alpha-male with his muscles and masculine endowments. Testosterone practically oozes from his pores, but he has charisma and intelligence also, which has made him a worthy leader.

Martha loves Cantor, but knows, all too well, that he refuses to be tied down to one woman. She knows Cantor is spoiled, but he satisfies her in ways no one else ever has. Martha comes from a family of thieves and can never go home again. The people of New Attica have become her comfort in loneliness.

When a new transport ship arrives, it brings several new residents including the young, beautiful Fahgwat. She thinks her name, which is the name of small purple flowers, is ugly, so Cantor dubs her Violet. Violet is a virgin, but seductive. She claims she has no desire to marry, but does want to learn of womanly pleasures. Martha offers to teach Violet, hoping her schemes with work on softening up Cantor.

After a possible dragon sighting, several of the men, including Cantor, set out on a hunt. Not wanting to be left out of the adventure, Martha and Kirsten, another of the women "prisoners" follow behind. When they are discovered, they must accept their "punishment". Will Martha and Cantor find more on the hunt then the fierce dragon?

Garden of Desireis a short, but randy romp for those who enjoy a vast variety in their erotica. While reading this you will need to keep ice water close by to keep from overheating. There is just the right amount of plot to link the sizzle together for a titillating experience. The author's vivid imagery is perfect for erotica and would work well in any genre.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Roberta.

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