by Sahara Kelly

February 2004
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In Sahara Kelly’s Knights Elemental you double your pleasure and fun, with two sexy hero’s and two feisty, very willing, sexually deprived and likeable heroines. Oh yes, the pages literally sizzle in your hands — and faster than you can pat the perspiration off your glistening brow.

In the glorious Knights — we have the raven-hair and stormy gray-eyes of Sir Guy Northbridge. Of stern continence, rumor has it he could be as cold as the north wind, but of course we know better. His complete antithesis is fellow knight and closest friend, Sir Gilles deSoleil, whose sandy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and pleasing smile won him the moniker “The Knight of the Sun.” Both are sexual experts or “Sexperts” as I’ve named them here, and their modus operandi? To satisfy and be satisfied. Ever cautious, these two make damn certain their hearts need never be engaged, even while they romp to their loins content. Yes, they ‘love-em-and-leave-em’ but they do it with style and finesse.

Today, Guy and Gilles are on a mission along with their wise and still able-bodied (if not a bit stout) Liege Lord, Sir Benstede. But, after so many long days in the saddle and nothing to hold their interest since the last keep they had visited, (where they were the “celebrity guests” at an uninhibited orgy) both are ready to ease more than only their arses. The restless knights, however, fear that the assignment, a visit to Baron Lymington and his estate, will be just “another round of diplomacy, politicking, with the locals, and country maids.” Ho hum, no challenge here they surmised, an offer of support and an opportunity to bestow their distinguished presence is all that is required.

Meanwhile . . .lovely, blonde, hazel-eyed Mechele Trenowyth and her cousin Linnet Aylmer, equally lovely, with long chestnut hair and dark sensuous eyes, spot the threesome from their perch halfway atop a well foliaged tree. Not much of a threat to Maltby Abbey from their estimation, just two “pampered knights, and a fat old Lord between them.” Admittedly, the knights are broad-shouldered, and dressed in finery, but surely they are merely ‘hangers-on, traveling on their reputation and their conquests, naught else.’ Mechele and Linnet are confident that they can assure their Lord, Sir Dunstan of Maltby Abbey, that the greedy, unscrupulous Baron Lymington and his allies posed little threat against them this time around.

Whoopee! Now the plot is set—and all you have to do is relax and enjoy this light-hearted, humorous, sexually charged tale. The Sexperts ooze raw, blatant talents and are exactly what the doctor ordered for our heroines. Whilst no strangers to sexual pleasure, Mechele and Linnet have had better luck by the use of their own hands, than they have ever had with previous sexual encounters. But boy, oh boy, is their luck about to change! So hurry and order up Knights Elemental, I’m certain, you’re going to feel like your luck has changed as well!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Janice.

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