by Delilah Devlin

October 2003
ISBN: 1843606607
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Take one “walking catastrophe” heroine, and a master vampire hero who will never be the same once she stumbles into his clutches, and you have a love story that not only offers sizzling chemistry between the two, but also a load of comical relief when the tension gets high. Ms. Devlin has written a page-turner, an erotic foray into the vampire world of lust and eternal love, danger and death, and this story is sure to become a keeper of reader fans of the genre.

Emmaline (Emmy) Harris didn’t know what she expected of the Halloween Party at the new club her friend Monica takes her to, but finding herself in the clutches of an amazing specimen of man who decides she’s to be his next “meal” isn’t what was supposed to happen. In desperation, she pretends to have a boyfriend --- and just when her too-handsome captor is calling her bluff --- the boyfriend materializes! Emmy’s about to learn, first hand, what that old cliché “Out of the frying pan, into the fire” really means!

Master vampire Dylan O’Hara (who insists everyone remember he’s IRISH not British!) owns the club, Craven, that Emmy has been lured into. He rescues her from Nicky (a vampire determined to wreak havoc this Halloween night by turning as many teenagers into vampires that he can), and takes her away to his upstairs lair. Wanting to only slake his insistent burning lust with a night of sex with Emmy, poor Dylan isn’t remotely aware that this night will change his life forever.

With Emmy still in danger from Nicky and his growing army, Dylan vows to protect her. Thus follows a story that is packed with action, lust, death, danger, and erotic love. Vampire genre lovers will not be disappointed with this book, but will be left wanting more! This reviewer hopes Dylan’s best friend, the “very interesting” Quentin will get his own love story in the near future.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kari.

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