by Janelle Denison

December 1999
ISBN: 0-373-25859-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #759
Mass Market Paperback

What is your dream fantasy man? That is the question Teddy's friends asked her and that is exactly what they got her for her birthday, her fantasy man - a cowboy! In walks Teddy's fantasy man to give her the dance (or two) of her life. Austin doesn't strip anymore unless he really is in a bind which he was the night he fulfilled Teddy's fantasy. Being the owner of Fantasy For Hire, Austin was out-growing stripping and no longer needed it for the extra cash it brought him and it was no longer fun.

Teddy and Austin hit it off from the start. The sexual sparks were so hot the building they were in could have burned down and they would not have noticed. Teddy needs a fake fiancée. So who better to fit the part than Austin? It takes some doing on Teddy's part but Austin finally agrees. The sparks in the nightclub are nothing compared to what happens every time they are around each other where one look or touch is almost enough to ignite flames.

Austin however wants more than Teddy is willing to give. Teddy doesn't think she can have a career and a relationship and no amount of convincing on Austin's part helps convince her. Teddy must work out her inner securities and Austin has to come to terms with his own inner demons before they are finally able to love each other.

Ms. Denison provides us with a drop dead gorgeous man and a beautiful woman, sexual tension and sex between the two. Even with all of these factors though, the book, while it was a good read, failed to hold my undivided attention.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Pam.

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