by Kate Hill

February 2004
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Can a vampire and a vampire hunter/killer get along as well as have feelings for one another? That is what happens in this story by Kate Hill. A vampire and a hunter are drawn to each other only they have a slight problem.

Ivy is the vampire and she is fascinated by Jacob, an actor, who dresses in all black and to her talks in black. Iím not sure what talking in black means, though. She was drawn to him by his looks and voice.

Jacob was a vampire hunter and can still detect a vampire when most other hunters canít. Which made him very good at being a hunter but he had a slight problem. After an attempt on his life, he is now a Shakespearean actor, which he enjoys immensely.

In Black is a quickie from Kate Hill. The story involves two different people from totally different worlds including their upbringing. The attraction between the two is there from the start and each are drawn to the other but their problems need to be dealt with before they can be together. In Black being a short story just didnít hold my attention that well, I think it had to do with all the in black references to almost everything related to Jacob.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Pam.

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