by Marin Thomas

June 2004
ISBN: 0-373-75028-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Ever have one of those days? Seems Madeline Tate is...big time! Left by her fiancé at the altar in Las Vegas, Maddie has one big understandable mad on! Her rat of an ex-fiancé not only jilted her but took off with her luggage as well, and now all Maddie has is the $3,000.00 bridal gown she was wearing for the wedding that didn’t happen, her ATM card in the small beaded purse she was carrying with her, and the rental car that has now run out of gas in the middle of nowhere! Spotting a ranch house in the distance from the road, Maddie decides if she is really careful she can climb the barbed wire fence and make it to the house for help. Trying to lift the silk and taffeta gown she becomes caught on the wire, and begins to attract attention from the local hicks as they drive by, disbelieving the site of a bride stuck on the fence! Just about to blow what is left of her cool, Maddie is rescued by the sexiest cowboy she has ever seen! And in the nick of time too, because Maddie was about to become a disgruntled bull’s lunch!

Rancher Jake Montgomery is stunned by the sight of a gorgeous red headed bride stuck on his barbed wire fence. She is the most stunning creature Jake has ever seen, and not even her fiery temper can stop his smirking at the hilarious situation he has stumbled upon. Jake’s precocious five year old daughter, Annie, is sure this is the princess her widowed father has been waiting for to make all of her and her daddy’s dreams come true. What Jake sees though is an answer to his baby-sitting dilemma. Seems his motherless daughter is in dire need of a new nanny, and Maddie fits that bill for the moment, as Maddie really has no other better place to go. The arrangement works for a while, until these two dynamic individuals begin to realize what a five year old has been seeing all along, that they really do belong together.

First time author Marin Thomas is the find of the year! The Cowboy And The Bride is a knock out start to the new Fatherhood series by Harlequin American. Corporate Maddie is so out of her element, having found herself stranded in the boonies with nothing but a designer wedding dress, and macho Jake gets his kicks at Maddie’s attempts at domesticity, but then begins to realize there is more to this woman then meets the eye. Maddie’s beauty goes deeper then her outside façade and the love she shows to Annie gives Jake the incentive to investigate this enigma of a female further. I fell in love with Jake right along with Maddie. The Cowboy And The Bride reminded me of all those old madcap romance movies I used to love to watch on late night TV.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Bonnie.

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