by Jessica Bird

April 2004
ISBN: 0-345-45896-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jackson Walker. With his first introduction in An Unforgettable Lady it was obvious that heís perfect hero material. Good-looking, successful and so very charming. So the disappointment was considerable when he announced his engagement. How could this man commit himself to someone he doesnít love? In An Irresistible Bachelor Jackson has second thoughts, as it isn't his fiancťe but the art conservator, Callie Burke, working on his recently purchased painting, who inspires his most passionate dreams.

Callie knows how it feels to be the dirty little secret of a powerful man. Itís not an experience she wants to repeat. However, Jackson can be very persuasive, especially when he calls off his engagement and devotes his time to winning her over. So now, just like the painting, she has to take the utmost care in stripping away the layers of old varnish, the layers of secrets and lies to gain his trust and to call him her own.

Jackson and Callieís romance is beautiful! They deserve each other; they deserve to be happy. They are not afraid to reach for the stars and have the strength to face any obstacles, whether they be an imposing mother or a political campaign in danger of revealing too much. Callie is the perfect woman for Jackson. Strong, intelligent and independent. Not someone to covet him for his money or status. And him? He wants to be a better man for her. Need I say more?

With the support, loyalty and commitment they have for each other Jackson and Callie are characters that Iím loath to leave behind. And with Callieís work on the painting so beautifully interwoven with the rest of the story itís once more a pleasure to read one of Jessica Birdís books. I find that I prefer her books when they concentrate solely on the romance. Itís been the suspense story elements that didnít work for me. So Iím happy to announce that An Irresistible Bachelor is a straight romance, and a very satisfying one!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kris Alice.

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