by J.C. Hall

October 2003
ISBN: 1-59088-245-8
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The opening passage of this book is so moving I had a lump in my throat, the words are so poetic and moving.

J.C. Hall has an amazing way with words. The opening pages describe what Corryn saw at the lake. It is the description that is breath taking and awesome. I just wanted to read on.

The characters come alive like a vision. The thread of the tale is alive from the start and the reader is drawn into the fantasy world created by J. C. Hall.

Though this is a fantasy story, the plot is easy to follow and very believable. The setting is very realistic and the reader can picture the beauty of the land Corryn and Jess are travelling through.

They encounter many dangers and interesting characters on the way. They find it hard to know who to trust, the author displays this well, as the characters she portrays are cunning and devious and appear friendly to Jess.

J C Hall has the skill to make her book wordy but never boring each passage adds to the story and it is the kind of book to get thoroughly absorbed in. The fact that it is in e-book format does not detract from the excitement of the plot and to not sample it because it is an e-book means the reader would miss a very exciting and thoroughly enjoyable book. I personally enjoy the e-book formula and know it isnít to every readers taste but if you enjoy fantasy or just like a good historical give this book a try, you wonít be disappointed.

The setting is so lyrical it is believable enough to imagine you are reading a historical novel set in a time you had not been previously aware of.

J C Hall is an author to note, well worth looking out for.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Mary.

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