by C.S. Chatterly

February 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-197-2
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Why does it seem like a best friend only has your best interest at heart? They do things and/or make us do things that we would not normally do under any circumstances. This is exactly what happens in A Cop And A Kilt. A best friend looking out for her friends.

Cathy is given a day at an exclusive bordello by her friend Lisa. Because, Lisa told her, she needs to loosen up and quit being so uptight. So Lisa pays for the day and has even given the owner some clues about Cathy's fantasy. Cathy isnít too sure about the whole thing, but goes anyway. She normally isnít a one-night stand woman but she does need to lighten up a bit.

Ian is a part of the fantasy that Lisa set up for Cathy. Ian is tall, muscular, and wearing a kilt. HmmmÖ wonder if he has anything on under it? Cat doesnít seem to think so and she will soon find out in fact. Ian is a bit nervous and not sure he can go through the fantasy, since this is his first time at the bordello as well.

When Cathy shows a little too much skill with the handcuffs, Ian figures out that his "date" for the evening is a cop. On the other hand, Cathy doesn't think to much about what Ian does for a living.

It was great to see Cat and Ian both enjoying themselves in the fantasy that is laid out for them, including the assortment of toys on the bathroom counter. They are both attracted to each other and know they want to spend more time together besides the few hours they have. But can the instant attraction be enough for them?

A Cop And A Kilt is a wonderful story of attraction at first sight that turns into more after a few hours in each other's company. They begin to have feelings for each other and just might have fallen in love. They are not quite sure how to handle the sexual tension, but their attempts are, well, entertaining to say the least! They may just give a you a few ideas for the future!

Reviewed in February 2004 by Pam.

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