by Norah Hess

June 2001
ISBN: 0-8439-3783-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Fancy Cranson at nineteen feels like she has aged a lifetime in the last few months. Her father was killed in a logging accident, leaving Fancy as sole support of both herself, and her mentally handicapped cousin, Lenny. Dancing in a logging camp is not a great career choice, but the only one that will provide enough money for Fancy and Lenny to get to her sisterís home in San Francisco. Unlike the other dancers who will go with the loggers to their rooms during breaks, Fancy will have none of that. She is there for the sole purpose of dancing and earning the money she needs. Then in walks handsome, arrogant logging camp owner Chance Dawson who spots Fancy and has other plans for the beautiful dancer.

From the moment Chance sees the beguiling new dancer Fancy, he wants her in his bed, and has set a course of action to get her there. However, Fancy has made it very clear she will have none of that, even if Chanceís kisses are heaven. Then an accident leaves their mutual nephew, Tod, an orphan and the only way to care for the boy is for Fancy to move herself, and family into Chanceís home, and waiting arms. Chance wants Fancy, but doesnít want marriage. Trapped in this situation until Fancy can find a way out of the growing bond she and her family are developing to this stubborn, but endearing man, she will have to make a strong effort to stay clear of Chanceís brazen caresses, and warm exciting bed.

Who better then bestselling author Norah Hess writes the age old formula of two lovers at odds with each other until they finally make the climatic discovery that they really are in love? No one, thatís who and this is evident in Norah Hessí Fancy. The willful Fancy wants her independence but needs the support that Chanceís warm heart and home give her and her family. Chance desires Fancy and wants her sexually, but canít make the commitment of marriage to her even when the threat of her leaving with the two boys he has grown to love comes into play. The ending is a humdinger, and the emotional payoff is well worth the struggle to get through the never ending bickering of these two strong willed characters.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Bonnie.

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