by Deborah Blumenthal

March 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25050-9
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Trade Paperback

Maggie OíLeary is a successful New York newspaper columnist. She gets bags of reader mail, is taken out by her editor and her boss, and any restaurant in need of her favorable review presents her with the most tempting morsels. Maggieís column, Fat Chance advocates fat acceptance. And every column tells you something new and helpful about society, culture and science. Anything that every weight obsessed person ever cared about is featured.

When Maggie receives a call from Hollywood, asking her to consult on a new project she jumps at it. It is a Mike Taylor movie after all. But how to face the man of her dreams? Not with her overweight self. A diet and exercise plan need to do the trick. Reinventing herself Maggie now has to battle with her hypocrisy and her readersí betrayed trust. To top it off she needs to deal with all sorts of weight-loss saboteurs, whether they are her boss or her best friend, Tex Ramsey.

Fat Chance is filled with characters one canít help but like and admire. Itís easy to care for Maggie. She is a heroine I can and I want to identify with. She is brave enough to embrace her dreams and fantasies and is unafraid of reaching for them. Even when it comes to choosing the right man to join her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The success is not as important as having the courage to go for it.

Deborah Blumenthal knows what she is writing about. A New York columnist for various magazines and newspapers, she goes for authenticity and honesty, but never loses the glamour and fascination that make it all seem so special. Reading her words I learned, agreed, understood and felt encouraged. So a book about a woman reinventing herself to reach for her dream turns out to be so much more. Fat Chance is enjoyable and informative.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Kris Alice.

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