by Shannon McKenna, Donna Kauffman, E.C. Sheedy

April 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0556-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Three short, erotic romances are sure to leave not only the pages sizzling, but the reader as well. In Meltdown by McKenna, Jane gets to play the role of her life when she sets out to steal Macís valuable employee. Instead she winds up meeting Mac and the sparks fly. The thing is, can Mac get over who she really is when he finds out that sheís not doing a story on his company but actually trying to take an employee?

In Exposed by Kauffman, two lonely people both traveling alone around the holidays bump into each other. Both are photographers and as they begin to talk they find themselves involved in a fling. Can they turn the fleeting affair into something more lasting?

In Pure Ginger by Sheedy, Ginger is trying to win the account of her lifetime. Will she meet the man of her lifetime in the process? When she first meets Cal, she dislikes him intensely despite the attraction she feels for him. The obstacle is that Ginger has sworn herself off men for a long time since her last broken heart. Can Cal make her feel like being a woman again?

All three of these stories were enjoyable and had erotic, sexual moments that would bring a blush to a face of the reader. However, itís my opinion, as a reader that EC Sheedy is an author not to miss. Pure Ginger was by far, my favorite story in this anthology and having read a suspense by Sheedy and now an erotica, though the stories are very different her writing does not disappoint. She will prove to her fans and readers alike that she is gifted with the voice for writing.

Thatís not to say the other stories arenít entertaining as well, they were very well written also and I think that any reader that picks this book up will not be disappointed. Rather you will enjoy curling up with this and turning a hot, humid night into a sultry, steamy one.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Katy.