by Laurie Gwen Shapiro

April 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25053-3
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Laurie Gwen Shapiroís newest book, The Matzo Ball Heiress is a story that will leave readers giggling with every turn of the page.

Heather Greenblotzís family, has for generations been the leading matzo supplier for the Jewish community. This year however the business is struggling as many family owned business' are. The Greenblotz family can not follow the trend of other family run business' and merge with a corporation because of the ancestorís will. The Greenblotz brand shall always be owned wholly and independently of any corporation.

Each year as the Jewish holiday of Passover approaches, interest in the Greenblotz family and their factory also increases. This year Heather has been asked to do an interview in her cousinís place with Steve Myers of The Food Channel. Heather readily agrees as she sees this as paying her dues for receiving her quarterly checks.

When the interview is over Heather is torn between her feelings for Steve the on air personality/producer or Jared the cameraman who prefers to stay behind the scenes. She decides to accept a date with Steve, but is bitterly disappointed when it turns out that all he wants is her family for a big special. He wants to show their traditional Seder dinner year in and year out.

Heather is reluctant, but itís pointed out that it would be free publicity for a family in dire need of all the publicity they can get for their products. Heather and her family hatch a crazy Seder plan. They need a plan because as it turns out the Greenblotz family does not have a big traditional Seder at all. In fact the Greenblotz family is about as far from traditional Jewish families as one can get.

Coming from a Jewish family, and having celebrated these traditions for many years I could very much relate with Heather and her family issues. I believe though that you donít have to be Jewish to see how when times are tough families pull together to make good things happen. I firmly believe that regardless of your religious beliefs The Matzo Ball Heiress, will speak to you of the power of love, family and traditions.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Sandi.

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