by Dawn

February 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-208-1
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As the only female investigator for Heartland Investigative Services, Silkie Trevor is forced to take a special assignment. She will have to go undercover to Mistral Cay. A client wants to find her son, and she has been able to track him down to Mistral Cay. The catch: the Cay is a resort that caters to female-only clients, offering "special" services to them, and the all-male staff always wears masks. However, the clientís son has a birthmark that will allow Silkie to identify him...the only problem is the location of that birthmark.

Urologist Dr. Olivia Carstairs, former client of the agency, will help Silkie to get in, as Dr. Carstairs has been a client of the resort. Silkie will play the part of Dr. Carstairsí assistant. Using research as an excuse she will take pictures of the male employees` in the buff, looking for the elusive birthmark. Upon Silkie`s arrival to the Cay, she snatches the undivided attention of the owner, Julian St. John.

Dawn`s Passion`s Mistral is a contemporary erotic romance with suspense elements. The plot is a true page-turner, and I found myself reading non-stop. With a combination of humor, intensity, and the mystery that surrounds the hero, the author keeps the readerís undivided attention throughout the book. The erotic portions are highly satisfying and well done and mesh nicely with the plot. Julian falls in lust with Silkie instantly; lust that soon turns into something deeper. His intensity and possessiveness make him the perfect Alpha hero. I found him quite appealing and compelling...and of course, Silkie can't resist his allure for long. Julianís background is slowly revealed to the reader, and even though it is slightly predictable, the pacing is good and that predictability factor does not detract at all from the enjoyment of the book. If you fancy an erotic contemporary read with a to-die-for hero, you may want to give Passion`s Mistral a try. I do look forward to future titles from Dawn.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mireya.

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