by Patricia Harrison

February 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-202-2
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After having her heart broken by a smooth talking gentleman, Miss Daphne Summerhayes has sworn off men. Then fate arrives and decides that Daphne must assist her cousin, Sophie, in her comeout. A launch in society forces Daphne out in the open and into the sight of Victor Merritt, the Earl of Courtlea. Though sparks fly instantly between the pair, Daphne has a big reason to dislike Victor, and Victor has memories, which challenge his affection for Daphne.

Will the air of love surrounding Sophie and Edgar, Victorís brother, also reveal Daphne and Victorís true feelings for each other or will Daphne choose the safe but boring path in the arms of another man?

A Very Proper Thief is a pleasant yet predictable story. The characters are likeable enough, and the dialogue quite witty, but thereís not much motivation to keep the pages turning when the outcome can pretty much be guessed at the start.

Although interesting, Daphne was a bit of a wild woman for me, sneaking into a manís house at night and engaging in acts that a lady of society should not do. She crossed the line so many times in fact that after a while I decided that her lack of a husband was not out of her personal choice but rather because no man would desire a woman who behaved so outlandishly.

There were also a couple of loose ends at the storyís close. Generally, there is a path that clearly leads to the ending of a novel, but I didnít see one here. I was left wondering how exactly the characters had evolved.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Natasha.

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