by Stephanie Bond

June 1998
ISBN: 0-373-25785-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #685
Mass Market Paperback

This story is set in a little town called Mudville. The heroine is Piper Shepherd. All her high school friends are married and she has been a bridesmaid more times than she cares to remember as her wardrobe of bridesmaids dresses reminds her.

She decides she has to do something about it and decides on a manhunt. As she eyes up the local prospects the author treats us to a hilarious account of the local unattached men.

The hero enters when he comes to town to taste the desserts that Piper prepares in her role as food technician in Blythe Industries. He has to decide whether to offer a contract to them if their dessert is good enough for his new diner chain. His favourite desserts are chocolate based and Piper is allergic to chocolate, which brings her out in hives, but she gamely prepares and tastes the chocolate with very funny results.

Piper quite literally falls at his feet on their first meeting. It is pouring with rain and her fancy outfit looks the worst for wear when she finally gets into work only to discover he is the man who has to decide whether to award the company the contract! Not a good start.

She comes across as accident prone to him but he finds himself attracted to her although he is sworn off marriage. Piper wants a husband, so the manhunt heats up!!

This book had me in stitches at times. Yet the passion is hot as well as funny. I loved Piper she is a wonderful heroine. Ian, the hero can't resist her either, but keeps trying to tell himself he wants to stay a bachelor.

The secondary characters are really good also, especially Piper's grandmother.

This book is a very good read and kept me hooked until the last page. If you like your romance laced with humour as well as passion, this book is a must read.

Reviewed in July 2001 by Mary.

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