by Marie Morin

February 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-344-9
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Claire Holiday seems to be an ordinary woman, out for the day enjoying the sun and contemplating the ocean, but she is hardly ordinary, and her existence, as she’s known it, is about to change...drastically. Just that morning, Claire made a fateful move in her life, one that would cost her dearly. She walked in on her boyfriend Mark (who was also her boss) with another woman, and in one fell swoop, lost Mark, her home, and her job. She had no where to go, or place to call her home. Claire is also an empath and healer, who had successfully hidden her abilities while growing up in foster homes. She always feared being looked upon as a freak. But today, while the ceaseless movements of the ocean soothe her, and brings clarity to the hard realities of her life, she is unaware that she is watched and observed by others very familiar with her gifts.

Claire wasn’t consciously aware that she had been studying the dolphin that had drawn nearer and nearer to the shore. But the moment it beached itself, Claire was on her feet running. When she reached its side, it was breathing frightened gasps, it flapped and wiggled, and looked directly at her, while emitting a series of noises. Discarding any apprehension of soothing a wild, wounded animal, she reached out and touched its crown, but she was unable to sense any true pain. Soon a crowd gathered, but Claire felt certain they would have no idea what she was doing. Even if they did, she would never see them again. Closing her eyes, her palms grew warm while she searched for an injury or illness. As she stroked, the skin seemed to change in texture, and temperature, and Claire’s eyes flew open. Beneath her hands now lay the most handsome man she had ever seen, and one who was completely naked. Before Claire could overcome her shock, she heard the crowd behind her talking about and confirming her gifts. They grabbed her by the arms and held her, and suddenly she felt drugged. Terrified by it all, the next thing Claire knew, the man she thought to be a dolphin was hurriedly carrying her into the sea.

Marie Morin does a splendid job in, Maiden of Atlantis. The story of Claire and Eros, is erotic yes, (the love scenes will leave you quite breathless) but it is also a beautiful love story. Ms. Morin quickly escorts you through the legend of Atlantis, while bringing the main and secondary characters to life. From the onset, you will fall in love with Eros (the dolphin), who cares and protects Claire with his very life and eternal honor. The conflict is exciting and fast paced, while Claire discovers the true reasons she had been chosen and brought to Atalantium.

I hadn’t realized this was part of a series so, Maiden of Atlantis can stand-alone. However, the preceding stories might help explain some things that a prior non-legend-of-Atlantis buff like myself, would have better understood. I have only one complaint. The ending seemed a bit hurried and simplistic. I was totally engrossed and Ms. Morin had successfully made a believer out of me. Furthermore, from this read, I’ve suddenly developed an interest in the legend, so, in retrospect, I can only say that,this alone is the highest compliment I can pay to Ms. Morin.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Janice.

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