by Janet M. Quinn

June 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-443-2
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When Cal, the town Marshall first sees Melanie and two little children with her he assumes she is a gold miners wife. Later he finds out she lives with her drunken father and the two little children are her half brother and sister. Cal yearns to improve her life.

This is an exciting story set during the gold rush when men became gold miners hoping for a fortune, their families living a hand to mouth existence, in tents roaming from town to town. Melanie is a very brave heroine. Living in the township was hard and raising the little ones made her prospects of finding a husband nil.

The writing style is very tight and tense at times. The chemistry between Cal and Melanie builds up slowly, with just a hint of sexuality at first, then their feelings begin to take over. Cal has his own past to come to terms with. The author cleverly just gives the reader glimpses into it, so you want to read more quickly to find out more.

It is a very easy read, I found myself surprised to discover I was suddenly on chapter seven before I lifted my eyes from the screen. This is the type of e-book that can make skeptics of the format throw their doubts away. It is a quick read with plenty of romance, troubled times and the kind of characters the reader will really care about.

Janet Quinn is an excellent author and has a real talent for the historical romance. She also knows how to included tension in a story. There is one scene where it is a race to try to rescue a character and the tension is heart stopping.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Mary.

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