by Penelope Marzec

June 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-445-0
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David Halpern is running away with his son James. They have changed their lives and their names in an attempt to get away from Jamesí cruel mother, Linda. As a former vice-president of an insurance company, David has plenty of cash to keep them afloat for a while, when he is suddenly robbed and left virtually penniless. Now, he and James have nothing. Years ago when he lost his entire family, David gave up on God, but now, heís in need of a miracle.

In order to keep receiving funding for her work on the affects of pesticides, Samantha Lyons needs an assistant immediately. Clam Creek New Jersey is not exactly a happening place though and there is a huge deficit of people seeking employment as a mosquito catcher for a practically nonexistent stipend. Thereís something suspicious and all too uncomfortably familiar about David Halpern and his son, but heís her only hope for completing her research.

As Sam and David work together to complete the study, they are drawn closer into each otherís lives and hearts. Sam is forced to revisit some painful childhood memories she has only survived with the aid of her friends and her belief in God, and David has to learn

that even though he walked away from God, God never walked away from him.

Kudos definitely to Marzec for a unique story idea, but unfortunately the praise ends there. A great story is only great if itís told in an enthralling manner. This one was not, and it dragged on and on. The characters didnít pull you effortlessly into their lives.

Even though Sam spoke a great deal about her feelings and beliefs, she didnít come across as sincerely passionate. David occasionally inspired empathy for trying to protect his son, but his character was still unbelievable and his actions and dialogue at times seemed overly dramatic.

With their spirited ways, Samís friends were the most appealing characters of the story. They at least made the story bearable.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Natasha.

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