by Treva Harte

February 2004
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Is there a chance for love between a man who feels like heís worth nothing and a woman who seems to have it all?

Annie Armstrong is renovating her house. Along with the joy of watching her house revealed as the beautiful home it is, she enjoys watching the handsome handyman she hired. She had resigned herself to the hot fantasies she has of him because she canít believe that a man like Kevin Turner would look twice at the plain woman Annie is.

Kevin has been fantasizing about Annie as well. He has found himself enjoying the time he spends with her. When their relationship moves into the hot and steamy sex that the fantasies that he and Annie have been having, he begins to think about a future with Annie. Kevin has a secret that he thinks will destroy his chances with Annie, but he canít go further without telling her.

Annie and Kevin become real people as they deal with the problems that life throws at them. The reader watches as each of them mature and grow. By the end of the story, Kevin and Annie have become a couple that the reader is rooting for and hoping that they will achieve happiness. The story is well written and fast paced. The love scenes are steamy.

When you curl up to read Time Of Her Life , keep a cup of ice to cool you off and a Kleenex to dry your tears . Youíll come to believe that love has a way of making imperfections perfect in your loverís eyes.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Jenni.

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