by Sherri L. King

February 2004
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Fetish, the hedonists’ club where your every fantasy can be fulfilled. Behind the ornate double doors of the elegant mansion lies a high-class establishment where Aerin Peters discovers her sexual identity. While in the midst of a mid-life crisis Aerin learns of a club where she may be allowed to finally experience life as the woman she keeps hidden inside. She will finally be able to let her true self out because at Fetish, nothing is taboo. Fate takes her on a sensual journey that will free her soul and give it wings.

However, things are not as they seem inside Fetish. As Aerin’s relationship with her provocative escort, the unearthly attractive Violanti D’Arco, deepens the dangers of her weekend visits become evident. In spite of her own misgivings Aerin feels compelled to continue her visits. Aerin’s obsession with Violanti, unexplained lapses in memory, and the sudden death of a club member compel her to investigate the mystery of Fetish and its enigmatic unseen owner. Aerin’s life may depend on the answers she receives.

Fetish was a delicious, sensual, and heart warming read. Every woman should be blessed with a man who will take the time to make her first sexual experience a beautiful one. Viloanti is scrumptious and I’d love to have one just like him. This story was uplifting, touching, and is guaranteed to make you cheer. Enjoy!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Cynthia.

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