by Veronica Chadwick

February 2004
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In Educating Mr. Winters, our champion Gregory Winters, a ninth grade science teacher finds himself between “a rock and a hard place.” And the hard place is usually right between his legs. Yep . . .he’s one horny guy. Repeated cold showers aren’t helping matters either. Because, Gregory’s either dreaming about, or fantasizing over the sexy student teacher, Shadoe Gray, who has been assigned to his classroom for fourteen weeks.

Greg had been dating a colleague from school, who was more than willing to take their relationship to the next level. She looked like a runway model, but Kellie, no matter how aesthetically pleasing, couldn’t keep his fantasies of Shadoe at bay. His lust was raging out of control, and he had to do something fast to combat it.

Love and a committed relationship were not part of Greg’s future plans. Especially after the years of hell he witnessed in his parent’s marriage. Greg was not casual about sex, he did care for the women in his life, but he wasn’t about to go any further than that. In addition, Greg had a big secret, a deep wound in his psyche, something he couldn't share with anyone.

Shadoe Gray of course had other plans. She knew she was driving Mr. Winters over the edge. She was hot for him too, but she didn’t need the controversy that could possibly delay her graduation if they were caught. “She flirted ridiculously for the simple pleasure of irritating the hell out of him.” Six three, broad shouldered, narrow hipped with strong thighs and a well-shaped backside, a head full of thick black curls and whiskey- colored eyes. Yes, oh yes, he was a fine specimen. Ooh . . .and those hands were just made for taking a slow sensuous journey over her body. And Shadoe does nail him, and they sure do the deed. In just about any place handy. A restaurant, up against the classroom lab counter, a park, you name it, these two rambunctious academics find a time and place.

Veronica Chadwick does a fair job, in a fast erotic read, building sexual tension between our main characters. The dialogue is very bold, but typical of the genre. The premise of the story could have been good, but the secret Gregory harbors is a significant one. The story trivializes a serious subject and its consequences for healthy mental development. The "secret" should have been left out entirely. It had no place in an erotic short story that couldn’t be developed. Even when Shadoe learns of it and attempts to console him, it was grossly inappropriate. The “sex” (you just can’t call them love) scenes, were well written, but I must say, gratuitous. I would have preferred one great, long hot sex scene instead of multiple encounters; it would have made a bigger impact. Overall, it was a disappointing and misguided read.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Janice.

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