by Diana Duncan

March 2004
ISBN: 0-373-27354-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1284
Mass Market Paperback

Who would have thought that a bank robber and kidnapper would make perfect hero material? With her debut release Diana Duncan shows her readers how it is done. Bulletproof Bride is one exhilarating and fun read of a romance novel.

Well-organized and sensible bank teller Tessa Beaumont is being kidnapped. With her wedding preparations under way and determined not to let anyone or anything keep her from claiming the family and stability she craves, she is not having it. Several failed escape attempts later she finally succeeds in eluding her kidnapper.

Tessa should have listened to her best friend, telling her that all the scheduling disasters could only lead to one conclusion; her fiancé is not her destiny. However, Tessa sure hadn’t expected the extreme measures destiny would go though to keep her from realizing her lifelong dreams. Finding out that her gentleman bank robber is an undercover FBI operative and that her life may be in danger seems a little excessive.

Special Agent Gabe Colton doesn’t do emotional involvement. So, thrust into the role of protector he not only has to deal with one sexy witness, a woman set on marrying the wrong man, but also with the misplaced feelings of wanting to be the right man for Tessa. Forcing himself to keep it light and to regain some breathing space – things he proves to be no good at – he only finds out that lending a shoulder to cry on, a smile to encourage and a kiss to curl your toes comes naturally. And all that while having to accompany her running errands for her upcoming nuptials.

No wonder that Gabe admires Tessa, she might use him to lean on, to draw encouragement from, to bolster her confidence, but instead of only succumbing to his irresistible charms and his comforting strength, she rises to all the sudden challenges thrown her way. Letting down her hair, singing the blues and dodging bullets suddenly come easy. It’s her heart that is in danger.

Bulletproof Bride is a romance novel with a perfect blend of sizzle, thrills and laughter. The dialogue is spot on, the characters are engaging and the chemistry is scorching. Diana Duncan is one new author worth discovering. I’m counting on her to present her readers with many more stories of the same high quality, as I couldn’t wish for better, only for more of the same.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Kris Alice.

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