by Carly Phillips

June 2004
ISBN: 0-446-53237-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Trade Paperback

Take one eccentric, wacky-but-lovable Greek family, throw in some twists and turns to a plot that involves undercover work, add a hero who is Ďto-sigh-forí, and a heroine who is strong and determined, and you get a story that is one of those page-turners you canít put down until youíve read the whole book in one sitting!

Ariana Costas left her eccentric family and New Jersey behind to move to Vermont and become a respectable college professor. But when her twin sister Zoe disappears without a trace, Ari rushes home to help the family find out whatís happened. Only, it appears the family isnít that concerned and they keep expecting Zoe to walk in the door any minute. Ariana knows somethingís not right and she decides to investigate on her own. Getting a job at the last place Zoe worked --- a casino --- seems the most sensible solution. And meeting co-worker Quinn Donovan just throws complications in her way. But Ariana is determined and wonít back down --- even when her own life is threatened.

Undercover detective, Quinn Donovan, has worked two long years trying to bring down a ďdrug operation whose money was being laundered through the Casino.Ē When Ariana comes on the scene, complications abound. Not only does Quinn have to worry about Ari blowing the whole charade, but heís also falling for her --- fast.

Fans of Ms. Philips will love this newest book! Itís filled with non-stop action, wonderful characters, and a passion between hero and heroine that steadily builds to a very satisfying conclusion. Ariana and Quinn are perfect for each other, their unusual backgrounds and family history the strength behind their motives and emotions. A definite recommend to her fans and to those not familiar with Ms. Philipís books; donít miss this one!

Reviewed in May 2004 by Kari.

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