by Lori Foster

Septemeber 2001
ISBN: 0-373-83469-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

What is it about a woman that attracts a man? What makes her stand out above all the others? These questions were on vice cop Mick Dawson's mind as he watched his mystery woman jogging - something he'd been doing for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, when he finally decided to say hello to her he walked into a bungled jewelry store heist and took a bullet meant for her instead.

Delilah Piper was frantic. The most gorgeous man she'd ever set eyes on was in surgery having a bullet removed from his shoulder - a bullet that he'd taken for her! A successful mystery writer, Delilah was overwhelmed by Mick's action, and devastated by the shooting. She was equally devastated to discover the effect that Mick was having on her senses, the sizzle between them was unmistakable, even as Mick was struggling back to consciousness and finding her lips on his! Del's strong will and slightly overbearing personality rapidly took over the whole situation and it wasn't long before Mick was snuggled up tight in her apartment and under her tender loving care.

And loving it was! Neither could deny the heat that erupted between them almost from the first - not even a bullet wound could stop these two from enjoying each other. A lot. In many different ways. However, passion is one thing and trust is another - in Mick's case his profession made it hard for him to trust anyone, and he kept some secrets from Delilah. Though his reasons were valid, the truth emerged at the worst possible time and things looked grim for the lovers. Could Delilah overcome her pain and forgive Mick? Could Mick protect Delilah when her very life is on the line? The answers to these questions are challenging but satisfying!

Lori Foster has entertained us with some wonderful stories; her heroes are strong sensual men who make very human mistakes in their lives, and her women are warm, loving and independent-minded with paths of their own to tread. Mick and Del are passionate for and about each other, often quite bluntly, but their hot bedroom scenes together are always written with an undercurrent of loving warmth, so different from other authors who leave their readers titillated but not glowing with pleasure. The characters in this book leap off the pages and into the reader's heart - would that we all could share a romance like theirs.

For readers familiar with Lori Foster's work, I note that the character of Mick Dawson first appeared as a teenager in Beguiled (Harlequin Special Collector's Edition #4, 1999). The foreword tells us that Ms. Foster is writing two more stories, about Mick's buddies Josh and Zack, which should be available shortly. This, as Martha Stewart would say, is a very "good thing"!

Reviewed in October 2001 by Celia.

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