by Jessica Hart

December 1996
ISBN: 0-263-79849-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Mills & Boon #3581
Mass Market Paperback

The setting for this story is a castle in a remote area of Scotland. Amanda arrives to be a nanny to Blair's niece and nephews while their mother is away. Amanda isn't really a nanny, she swaps with her friend so that she can get the layout of the castle. Amanda wants to see if she can persuade Blair to sell the castle as her boss has plans for it.

Blair is a dour Scot who is far from approachable, although he is very handsome. At first Amanda dislikes him thoroughly, but she is soon attracted to him.

Amanda is an adorable heroine who is up in the clouds one minute, then down in the depths of misery the next. She has a great imagination and the children soon take to her.

There are some lovely Christmas scenes in the book, like when Amanda and Blair go Christmas shopping. Amanda gets carried away buying crazy toys for the children, while Blair goes for the more practical things. Another cosy scene is when Blair and Amanda are filling the stockings for the children with snow falling outside and a roaring fire inside. The scenes are so well described you can feel the Christmas spirit oozing from the pages.

There is plenty of sizzling passion and sexual tension throughout the book. The two main characters have a brilliant chemistry that sparkles each time they are together. With a character like Amanda's there is bound to be humour. Ms. Hart makes sure this comes across in the snow scenes and in the way Amanda takes her anger out on the kitchen utensils.

The three children make wonderful secondary characters, especially little Emily.

This is an ideal book for Christmas reading. It is filled with seasonal cheer and humour with a healthy dose of romance. Perfect for chilling out after a heavy Christmas shopping spree! I gave it 5 stars.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Mary.

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