by Karen Kay

May 2004
ISBN: 0-380-82068-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Upon receiving news that her husband had been killed in America, Princess Sierra sets sail to the United States, determined to personally confirm that he is, indeed, dead. Ten years ago Princess Sierra was betrayed by her two best friends: one she had been in love with and the other she was forced to marry. They both ran away to America, leaving her behind. Upon her arrival in St. Louis, Sierra seeks the help of the one that she had loved, a Native American by the name of High Wolf. After all, she is certain that her husband left with him, when the three of them were supposed to have run away together to the New World. She is certain High Wolf knows about her husband`s whereabouts.

High Wolf can barely believe that Sierra is in St. Louis. Ten years ago, on a far away continent, he fell in love with her only to be betrayed when she got married to someone he considered his friend as well. Now she is here, alone, and something does not add up. Their meeting after those ten long years is less than friendly, as is to be expected, and he rejects her request for assistance.

Shortly after Sierra starts her journey in search of her husband, the steamboat she is traveling on is attacked. High Wolf, who had been following her, saves her life. Soon they will both have to face their true feelings and the shadows of the past.

The Princess and the Wolf is Karen Kay`s first title of her new series The Clan of the Wolf. The star-crossed lovers, Sierra and High Wolf, are a perfect match. They both thought that they had been betrayed, and yet they never stopped loving each other. When the time comes, and despite their initial reluctance to accept the truth of their feelings, they come to accept their love. Sierra is torn now that she has a second chance with High Wolf, as she is duty bound to her country. High Wolf on the other hand, is determined not to lose his love a second time. The Princess and the Wolf is a quick paced, romantic and sensual tale of love lost and found that will certainly appeal to all lovers of Native American romance.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mireya.

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