by Robyn Amos

May 2004
ISBN: 0-380-81543-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Do you think if you see a well-built man running naked in the street that you would loose control of your car? Well that is what happened to Moni and she drove throw his fence and into his pool. So what does one neighbor do to the other, but take them to court after they do not make good on their promise to fix the fence. Moni thought the estimates were too high, since she just came from a small town in Virginia, so she decided to fix it herself and the judge gave her thirty days for the repairs to be done. This accident is just the first in many for Moni.

Grant can’t believe that Moni is going to fix his fence. With her big eyes making her look helpless, he soon learns that Moni is anything but helpless. He even gets calls from his neighbor about him not out there helping her. Grant has taken the summer off to write a fiction book, he has written a couple of non-fiction books and thought it wouldn’t be that hard. Boy, was he wrong. Of course, trying to keep Moni out of his thoughts was getting harder and harder, but he did try and every now and then he succeeded, sort of.

Of course, Moni is attracted to Grant after all, it was him running naked in the middle of the street. But she doesn’t want a relationship, as she just left one back in Virginia and she wants to make it on her own. She wants to start her own business but her ideas are running out and nothing seems to be going right. Grant on the other hand, has been married twice and doesn’t want to make it a third time. Even though a third time could be the charm. Of course, Grant is a marriage counselor, which just makes it more interesting.

Remember I said the fence was just one of many accidents that happens to Moni, it is like she is a walking disaster. If something can go wrong, it normally does with Moni when she is trying to be helpful or friendly to someone. But it all seems to work out in the end.

Wedding Bell Blues is a great story. I really enjoyed the attraction and interaction between Moni and Grant and all they went through. The secondary characters are just that: characters, that are thrown in to keep the story interesting and Grant on his toes, and making him realize what it is that he wants. Moni, well, needed a little help in that department as well, both in her life and her love life.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Pam.

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