by Barri Bryan

February 2004
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Things are not well in the kingdom of Aviator. King Otto’s son, Prince Evander, is not himself and his father calls the best physician in the kingdom to determine what is wrong with his beloved son. After the examination the physician informs the king he can find nothing physically wrong with his beloved son.

The king then seeks the help of a doctor of the mind. After his examination the psychiatrist tells the king he can find nothing wrong with his son.

Finally the king consults one Willie Wraskel who informs Otto that his son is suffering from "lackanookie" or Hole-in-the-heart disease. The prince has never known true love and it is decided that he will be sent on a quest to find this all important key to life.

Willie Wraskel will accompany Prince Evander on his quest to find true love come morning light so decrees Kind Otto. Thus begins this very humorous journey of Prince Evander to find true love.

The Prince With A Hole In His Heart is a highly imaginative and very entertaining story by Barri Bryan. The quest of Prince Evander to discover true love will have the reader laughing from beginning to end. The situations Prince Evan and Willie find themselves in are unbelievable. This is a quick read that will have the reader laughing from the first page to the last. This highly unusual story isn’t quite what I expected but was well worth the time it took to read. Be prepared to laugh and be entertained with this one.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Barbara.

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