by Stephanie Bond

ISBN: 0-373-69164-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #964
Mass Market Paperback

Kenzie Mansfield has gone out for a night on the town to celebrate her thirty-first birthday. Her two closest friends, Cindy and Jacki, have presented her with a very risqué birthday gift. After a bit of encouragement from her friends, Kenzie ends up doing some serious flirting with the gorgeous guy she spotted while at dinner. One thing leads to another as they say, and Kenzie ends up spending the night with the guy and trying out her birthday gift.

The result is so spectacular that Kenzie wakes up late for work. Having little choice but to steal the guy’s shirt, Kenzie hurriedly makes a makeshift new outfit and takes the souvenir from her evening of fun. Feeling guilty for taking the shirt off his back, so to speak, Kenzie leaves the guy a little something to remember her by.

Once she arrives at work, Kenzie is asked by her boss to sit in on a very important meeting to choose the cover model for Personality magazine’s next issue. When the mystery man arrives, he is none other than Kenzie’s mysterious one night stand! A veterinarian and volunteer firefighter, Sam Long takes a bit of persuading but finally agrees to be the cover model.

Rumors of a cover curse soon have Kenzie’s boss sending the big city girl to small town Jar Hollow, NY to “man sit” Sam and insure that he doesn’t get hurt. She arrives with the ruse of writing an additional story about Sam’s small town life and his veterinary practice. The fun really starts when this New Yorker is thrown into small town USA with her boss’s dog in tow. Angel, the overly pampered dog has come along on the adventure to be "fixed".

With Cover Me award-winning author Stephanie Bond has come back to her roots, in a way. Told in the first person, which may well turn some readers off, Ms. Bond’s comedic voice is shining as brightly as it did in her first few releases for the Love and Laughter line at the beginning of her writing career. Ms. Bond has given the reader some very endearing characters in Kenzie and Sam and created a fish out of water story that will have her readers laughing out loud.

The writing is fresh and fun. The dog, Angel is a gem. Secondary characters Cindy and Jacki beg to have their stories told but the star of this book is Kenzie herself, the most memorable heroine Ms. Bond has given us in some time. Cover Me is a Temptation that deserves the Editor’s Choice emblem on the front cover and reinforces the belief that Ms. Bond is an excellent story teller with a talent for making one laugh. I highly recommend Cover Me. It is a title guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and give you many smiles and laugh out loud moments.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Barbara.

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