by Amanda Browning

December 1999
ISBN: 0-263-81318-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

This is the story of Laura, who is left a small fortune by an elderly millionaire leading to speculation that Laura was his lover. After he dies Laura goes with her lawyer friend, Jonathan to visit the family for Christmas.

This seems so insensitive considering the millionaire's widow is a semi invalid. Quinn, a friend of the family, believes Laura is a gold digger even though the electricity between them is powerful. The family (including the millionaire's two adult children), resent her, though Maxine, the widow is very polite and welcomes Laura into her home.

Most of the story is centered between Quinn and Laura. She blatantly tries to make out she is after someone with money and he cynically decides to prove he can have her for the taking. Even though the passion and sparks that fly between them is very good, I found that I could not like the heroine. Why Laura put this family through so much seemed cruel to me especially with the family still grieving. Laura maintained afterwards it was because she wanted to get to know them it seems an odd way to go about it.

I liked Quinn; he was a very sexy hero and the writing style is good. The secondary characters like Maxine, Jonathan and Caroline, Quinn's sister, were all likeable. However, I was disappointed in Laura, because I just could not like her and to be honest I didn't want her to end up with Quinn!

I would have liked Ms. Browning to soften Laura's character and made her more likeable. I felt Laura had this righteous attitude, which I found, simply annoyed me. Laura also seemed to resent the fact that everyone disliked her because they assumed she had been a gold digger. I thought it perfectly understandable that they felt like that.

I can only give this book three stars.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Mary.

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