by Jaci Burton

January 2004
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The Storms of New Orleans arenít your typical high society family. They have a little giftóparanormal powers to control the weather. Aidan Storm controls the summertime weather. The heat and thunderstorms and summer winds suit this ultra sexy hunk to a tee. He isnít above using his unique talent to spice things up with the ladies.

Aidan is getting bored with life. Helping run The Rising Storm, the family hotel, and entertaining the endless stream of women who breeze in and out of his life is getting old, but he hasnít found anyone he wants to take the plunge for.

Enter Melissa Cross, the cool-headed business woman who has arrived on business. Her casino, his hotel, a perfect match. Will that be the case with the man and woman as well?

Melissa has been hurt before, mixing business and pleasure and vows never again. But Aidanís sultry seduction begins to melt the ice-cold barriers she had erected. With a bit of meddling from his family, it is getting harder and harder to resist the steamy attraction. Yet will down-to-earth Melissa be able to accept a man with extraordinary powers?

In Summer Heat, Jaci Burton brings to life a hot, hot romance in dazzling New Orleans. The paranormal powers enhance the romance instead of overshadowing from it. The character development in the novel is superb, and I thoroughly enjoyed the loving and interfering Storm family. I look forward to more stories with them.

Ms. Burton intrigued me with another of her novels, making me curious for more. With Summer Heat, she has gotten a life long fan. Bravo.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jess.

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