by Mardi Ballou

January 2004
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Gwyn Verde is getting fed up with her boyfriend Pete. Immature and quick on the draw, Pete is not the man she thought he should be. When he invites her to a Halloween party on the yacht of his boss, billionaire Dominic Laredo, she doesnít really want to go. Especially not when Pete wants her to dress up in a cheesy Tinker Bell costume to his Peter Pan. As far as she is concerned, that is not too far from the truth. She agrees, in the hopes that he will be willing to compromise in the future and take their relationship to the next level.

Dominic Laredo is looking for the perfect woman. One who is willing to love, live and play with him. He has quite the extensive "toy chest". All he knows is that he will know her when he sees her, and he sees her when Gwyn walks into the room on the arm of one of his employees. Hoping to capitalize on Peteís inattention and her obvious dissatisfaction with the situation and their relationship, he entices Gwyn with the opportunity to play and fulfill all her desires. What he doesnít anticipate is her reluctance to take him seriously. Hoping to change her mind, Dominic gives her the time and space to decide but is blindsided when she makes a choice that ultimately breaks his heart.

While I liked the idea of the Peter Pan twist, I thought Pete was just a bit too juvenile and Gwyn was a little too willing to settle for less than complete happiness in the name of stability. She puts up with a lot in her relationship with Pete that most women would have kicked him to the curb for, a long time ago. I was disappointed that so much time was spent dwelling on the relationship between them and not much was given to the non-fantasy portions of any relationship she would have had with Dominic. Her waffling at the end of the story made me want to kick her. I could understand her reluctance to leave everything on a whim, but I thought the way she went about it was just as immature and childish as Pete. Dominic was a dream come true for many women, maybe a little too perfect, but I liked him and was rooting for him. Itís not often you run into a man who is willing to lay his feelings out in the open like Dominic did. The sex was hot, imaginative and sexy. I will definitely give Ms. Ballou another try.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Carolyn.

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