by J. D. Robb

July 1995
ISBN: 0-425-14829-7
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Mass Market Paperback

It is the year 2058 and in New York, like the rest of the world and its satellites, technology holds rules everything. Even crime has become more technologically advanced. The crimes may be a little more sophisticated but they are essentially the same old, same old. As far as New York Police and Security Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows there has always been one motivating force behind crime and that is the simple passions of the human heart.

Eve’s career - and her life - is irrevocably altered when she is called to the scene of a brutal homicide in an area of the city fondly called “Prostitute’s Walk”. Sharon DeBlass, granddaughter to ultra conservative Virginia senator Gerald DeBlass, is viciously murdered and her secret life is revealed. As primary investigator of this high profile case Eve will have to forge a path of justice through the rarefied circles of Washington’s political jungle. The case is further complicated by Eve’s growing attraction to her lead suspect, Irish billionaire Roarke. He is sinfully gorgeous and one of the wealthiest men on the planet or its satellites. He may look like a fallen angel but he has a background shrouded in mystery, and secrets he just may kill to keep.

Once you’ve read Naked in Death , the first book in the best-selling series featuring Eve Dallas and a host of fascinating appealing characters, it will be quite apparent what the fuss is all about. Fans will recognize Nora Roberts’ familiar style of snappy witty dialogue and vivid characterization, but the new edgy tone to the writing is a welcome addition. You will want to clear an afternoon or evening for this one. Don’t forget to put the answering machine on because you will not welcome any distractions.


Reviewed in April 2004 by Cynthia.

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