by Cheryl Davis

January 2004
ISBN: 1-93174-228-6
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Soldier Angus MacDonald has a week’s leave from his regiment as does his cousin Johnny. Johnny insists he goes to the local tavern with him to meet Rachel who is the general dogsbody there. Angus is attracted to her and she to him.

Angus has been a soldier for many years and hopes to go to live in Georgia when his time in the army is through; Rachel wants to go back there.

The story is set in the eighteenth century and the early rumblings of war between America and Britain are to be heard. Angus feels it won’t happen but Rachel feels it will. The period of history is well portrayed.

I feel this book is very much Christian fiction and is written tastefully with this in mind, the author portrays the strong sexual attraction between the main characters but also shows how they exercise strong control so they don’t give in to their feelings.

Rachel and Angus find themselves forced onto different sides in the upcoming conflict. The author makes an interesting tale of how love can survive such troubles.

I enjoyed this story and found the historical period well told and very interesting. It was informative to discover how difficult it was for a girl like Rachel to be branded a rebel by those loyal to the crown and thought of so poorly by Angus’ family.

This is a book filled with deep emotion and pathos, but it is also uplifting and carries the message that love can survive danger and years apart.

I found the book well worth reading with some very good characters as well as the hero and heroine. Rachel’s brothers Issac and Hank are both interesting and form a strong part of the story.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Mary.

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