by Erin Aislinn

ISBN: 1-59080-115-6
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The romance and history of Florence comes to life in the touching story by Erin Aislinn. It Happened In Florence becomes a testament to the heart’s ability to heal and learn to love again. Prepare to be seduced by the beauty of Florence and the courage of the characters that populate this story.

Jennifer Morgan has known a wonderful love. It was an all consuming and soul shattering kind of caring. Then she lost it all. Now, twenty years later, she is returning to the site of that love and loss. She’s working with James Donovan on designing an office building for his corporation. Being swamped by her emotions, she finds herself fighting an attraction to her dangerously handsome employer.

James Donovan has everything he could wish for. Money and fame insures that he can his every desire fulfilled. Except the most important one. He’s looking for a woman to love. Unsure of love, James reaches out to Jennifer. He sees something deep inside of her surrounded by sadness and he longs to free her heart to love him.

The tension and heartache mount as Jennifer and James indulge their attraction. Jennifer must decide if she can really give up her memories of her first love. Can she trust that James will always love her and never leave? James has to figure out what he needs to change to open his life and heart to Jennifer. Can he give up the control he sees as a sign of his success?

The characters are deeply emotional and tender. Jennifer’s healing process takes place during the story makes the reader believe in a second chance at love. James’ willingness to do whatever he needs to do to keep Jennifer is touching. There were a few too many misunderstandings for this reviewer’s taste. All in all, though, It Happened In Florence is a satisfying read.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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