by MaryJanice Davidson, Joanne Wylde, Joey W. Hill

January 2004
Reviewer Graphic Button Ellora`s Cave

First up is Loveís Tender Fury by the always-humorous MaryJanice Davidson. We are introduced to Marnie Hammer a popular romance writer who writes best selling romances under the pen name Jessica LeFleur. Marnie hates writing this drivel and fluff books and longs to write a literary masterpiece that has her own name on the cover. The only thing that makes her dreaded book signing tours bearable is that her gay best friend Joe Halloran travels with her to help ease the boredom.

Tony Freeborg doesnít make a habit out of attending romance author book signings but he has come with his mother who is one of Jessica LeFleurís biggest fans. At his motherís insistence Tony who is an editor at a small publishing house gives the temperamental author his business card. Soon Marnie makes a trip to the publishing house to try and sell the kind of story she really wants to write. Could Tony be her ticket to the big time in more ways than one?

Next we have Joanna Wylde with her contribution to this anthology, Be Careful What You Wish For. Sandra Vicars is a massage therapist treated like a call girl by her latest client a sleazy lawyer. Before Sandra can get away from the scumbag: Sean an escaped convict who came to kill the lawyer kidnaps her. Sandra must use her wits to try and get out of this situation alive. As she spends more time with Sean will she decide that maybe she doesnít want to escape after all?

Rounding out this anthology we have Threads Of Faith by Joey W. Hill. Marisa a modern witch living a solitary life in the country and survives by making magic potions for the people of the nearby towns. Marisa has grown used to her lonely existence and canít bear to be around others for any length of time. The price of Marisaís potions is set by the Goddess and varies depending on what she has need of at the time.

Conlon Maguire comes to Marisaís cabin to seek a potion to find his soul mate. The Goddess sets the price of his potion as one night spent with Marisa teaching her the wonders of human contact and love. Conlon is willing to pay the price. Will these two find their heartís desire before dawn breaks?

This anthology features three very different stories by very talented writers. MaryJanice Davidson has yet to write an ok story in my opinion. Everything she writes makes me laugh until I hurt. This story was no exception and I thought perhaps the best of the three. The secondary character of Joe was a hoot. Ms Davidson has the ability to create heroines that I would probably hate in real life but somehow she always manages to get me to see their loveable side before the last page is turned. She has created another gem to add to her growing booklist.

Joanna Wylde is a gifted writer and I would like to read more of her work. My big problem with this story was that initially it involved forced sex and as a reader that turned me off. The sex scenes were explicit and if one could get past the forccd issue then they would have been more enjoyable.

Joey Hillís Threads Of Faith I found to be a mesmerizing tale. The characters were extremely well written and the sexual scenes were the hottest of the three stories. Be careful not to scorch your fingers with this one. I found myself wishing that this tale could last a bit longer.

Overall Forgotten Wishes has something for everyone and is well worth the cover price.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Barbara.