by Kris Weber, Kathy Wilson

May 2004
ISBN: 0-312-32799-4
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Trade Paperback

Sophie Anderson is a thirty-something woman. She doesn’t particularly like her job, but it keeps her in enough money to pay for a flat and nights out with her friends. While she might not be totally happy with her life, she’s content to continue on the way things are. Or she is until that fateful morning when two little lines appear on a stick and she knows her life is about to change in a major way.

Unfortunately, the baby’s father doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. He’s only willing to offer financial support. With him out of the picture, Sophie needs to find ways she can take care of herself and the baby. The support of her friends becomes invaluable as she goes through labor and the learning process of being a mother.

As she settles into the routine of mothering, she is offered new job opportunities and the chance at a new romance. In the end, having a baby might have been the best thing she’s ever done.

A chick lit story with an Australian flair, Here To Maternity is an entertaining look into one woman’s transformation from a struggling single girl to a single mother. Sophie and her baby manage to survive the nighttime feedings just fine. We laugh and cringe as Sophie makes mistakes that all first time mothers make. We understand her panic at being left to care for such a little person. The authors do a great job in making us sympathize with both of them. The story is evenly paced and the secondary characters bring a fullness to the plot.

If you’re looking for a story that isn’t your typical ‘girl searching for love’, pick up From Here To Maternity and enjoy.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Jenni.