by Vivi Anna

February 2004
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Handsome rogue Prince Charming, otherwise known as Prince Edward ĒJackĒ Constance III, loves the ladies. He enjoys every aspect of them from their differences to their similarities. Some would say he spreads his admiration too freely, and too often. He is a noble, charismatic, well-respected man possessed of one major flaw: he loves several ladies at the same time.

Each of the women is unique and attractive in her own way. Snowden White is fair with hair as black as a ravenís wing. She was innocent of a manís touch until Jack came along. Golden beauty Cinda Rella possesses bountiful energy and a formidable will. Princess Borealis, also known as Rose Briar and Sleeping Beauty, is unsurpassed by any other in her beauty and inventiveness. Our undeniably charming prince and his limitless passion seduces them and claims to love them all. Unfortunately for Jack, his lovers find out about each other. For his deceptions, these three women devise a most delicious punishment our fair prince he wonít soon forget.

Vivi Anna pens a new look at fairy tales for an adult audience. It is a fresh look at our favorite fairy princesses with a modern edge. Talk about your girl power. The mild BDSM elements of the story add a wonderful bit of spice and enhance our naughty Prince Charmingís allure. For a short, fast paced, unabashedly sexy read you cannot go wrong with this one.

But donít take my word for it see for yourself.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Cynthia.

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