by Julia London

April 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19524-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Julia London is back with her second book in the Lear Sister series.

Rebecca Lear is the middle sister in the prominent and rich Lear family. She’s also a former beauty queen, mother of a wonderful son and recently divorced. She had everything any woman could ever ask for, but when she found out that her husband was having an affair, she realized that her life wasn’t perfect after all. Now, what was she going to do? She never went to college, she’s never had a job in her life and now she needs to face finding her own place in the world. Oh God, how is she ever going to do it? Her first step is to move to Austin, away from family, friends and her husband. Finding a job is a bit more difficult than picking up and moving. No one will hire her, not even the job placement offices can find her a position. When so many doors are closed to her, Rebecca volunteers to be the campaign strategist for an old family friend. She can do this, at least that’s what she keeps telling herself!

Matt Parrish has a reputation as being a tough litigator. He has a successful law practice and no ambitions to go into politics, but when an old college buddy asks for his help on his campaign, Matt is a little more than interested; that is until he meets the campaign strategist. What is a former beauty queen doing dabbling in politics? What’s she going to do, smile everyone into voting for the candidate?

Rebecca and Matt are at each other’s throats from the get-go and that’s just the start of things to come. Underneath all of their insults, fighting, complaining and controlling issues, there is an attraction that neither one can refuse, but boy do they try!

This second book is even better than the first. Ms. London brings us fresh, wonderful characters and isn’t afraid to show us exactly what they are feeling and thinking. The reader is never left wondering about anything. Rebecca is in a desperate attempt to ‘find herself’. Matt has ‘found himself’, but doesn’t quite know what he wants to do with what he’s found. Together they find companionship, trust and most of all, love. Never have I read two characters that were more meant for each other. They ‘discombobulate’ each other to the point of fairly burning the pages with their passion.

You have another bestseller on your hands, Julia! Congratulations!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Debbie.

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